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We work with you to find & implement new profit opportunities
and focus explicitly on learning by doing, or in other words
innovation through innovating! 
The key to success is our rapid innovation planning 
that saves you time, money, energy and effort.
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Learning innovation lessons from games

Snakes and Ladders

Innovation is like the game of snakes and ladders: sometimes you get a lucky break and race ahead, and sometimes, despite all the best planning and effort, you get an unlucky break and go backwards.

So what lesson can we take from the game we have been playing since we were three? Never give up, because you’re competitors are facing the same challenges, and even if you end up back at the very start, there is every chance they might end up there too!

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Latest News

The Inncuvator

The Inncuvator

The Inncuvator is a program for established businesses that connects them to young innovators with engineering, design and commercial skills who are guided by experienced & innovative mentors. The program aims to reduce the risk of innovation by making it easier and more accessible.

This is a brand new program in Australia and an exciting opportunity for all businesses. Learn more about the pilot program and get involved!

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Saving manufacturing

How to save manufacturing? Ask Gen Y’s & their siblings 

Gen Y’s & their siblings are the only way to save manufacturing because they have more experience & understanding of technology & innovation than anyone else. It’s time for all of us over 35 to wake up to this new reality.

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